il 14 dicembre è uscito il video di IX il nuovo singolo targato Mòn, giovane band indie-rock ma ormai lanciata a gonfie vele nella scena musicale italiana.

L’opera e’ realizzata da  Marco Brancato Illustrator

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A dark nymph, a wild creature, a pitcher, a river, a magic mask, a holy moth, two strange twins, plants, beasts and fire. A story where the border between victim and oppressor is evanescent, a story tapping into classical culture and breathing an exotic and tribal air at the same time, continuing the previous stories.

That’s Mediterranean nature, which can be found both in their artistic personality and in their new single IX.
What you love is where you have left it. Illustrated Directed and Edited by Marco Brancato (c)e(p) 2019 Urtovox rec /Supermota Realized with the support of Mibac and Siae as part of the initiative ‘Sillumina, copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura 2017’

What you love is where you left it
Plants are there for you to cure
Your jug is filled with rain water
While the peak still stands away
You’re going where it’s so high
that if you fall
you’re not gonna die
you’ll just fall