5 April 2019  /  Maurizio Angusbidoli

Back to the roots

Il ritorno alle radici rock di Bruce Springsteen, le storie dei bassifondi ed esperienze personali.

RnR Can Never Die 1.40 del 05/04/19 – Playlist

01 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN radio nowhere
02 THE ROLLING STONES hey negrita
03 THIN LIZZY the boys are back in town
04 BOB SEGER feel like a number
05 NEIL YOUNG alabama
06 ROSE TATTOO scarred for life
07 ROSSINGTON COLLINS BAND don’t misunderstand me
08 SEX PISTOLS new york
09 STEPHEN STILLS do for the others
10 TRAPEZE feelin’ so much better now
11 VAN HALEN outta love again

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