18 April 2019  /  Maurizio Angusbidoli

Tra le strade polverose del rock

La strada è lastricata di polvere ma continua a vivere lasciando un solco indelebile che mantiene il fuoco vivo.

RnR Can Never Die 1.49 del 18/04/19 – Playlist

01 AC/DC hard as a rock

02 LYNYRD SKYNYRD sweet home alabama

03 THE DOORS road house blues

04 TRAFFIC john barleycorn must die

05 THE ROLLING STONES dance little sister

06 STEVE MILLER BAND rock’n me

07 PAGE PLANT shining in the light

08 THE CREAM sitting on top the world

09 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON bring it at home

10 PATTO hold your fire

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