90 minuti per morire 2.23 - Grandi classici e tanto amore
100% Vinile, 90% Classici, 5% novità (dove con novità si intende post 1995) e tanto amore. Questo e molto altro nei 90 minuti per morire che, nell’occasione, si avvicinano ai 120 minuti per sguazzare.

Barry de Vorzon – Warriors Theme
Giuda – Roll the Balls
Sweet – Love is like oxygen
Davide Bowie – Starman
Velvet Underground – I’m waiting for my man
Richard Hell and the Voivods – Down at the Rock n Roll Club
Television – Venus
The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night
Ac Dc – Big Balls
Ac Dc – Rocker
Hollywood Brats – Chez Maxime
Grand Funk – We’re an American Band
Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave
The Oblivians – And then i fucked her
The Gories – Trick Bag
Mc5 – I can only give you everything
Link Wray – Mary Ann
The Sentinals – Shout
Calibro 35 – Psycheground
Genesis – Abacab
Toto – Rosanna
Temple of the Dog – Call me a Dog
Nirvan – Pennyroyal Tea